17 December, 2010

May 2011 be particularly normal. Happy New Year!

Errea Comunicación 2011 Christmas card.


29 October, 2010

Bureísta Epidemic in Dominican Republic

Bureo returns. Bureo is here again. Bureo comes back so that Dominicans can get even more enjoyment from their bureo (amusements). Bureo asks us: “Y tú, ¿comó bureas” (How do you have fun?).

13 October, 2010

La revista NAV7, galardonada con el Premio Anuaria a la mejor publicación periódica

La revista NAV7, diseñada por Errea Comunicación, ha sido galardonada con el Premio Anuaria a la Mejor Publicación periódica de 2010 en la XV edición de los Premios Anuaria, considerados los mejores del Diseño Gráfico español.

28 September, 2010

Javier Errea awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by SND

On Saturday, September 25 the Society for News Design (SND) presented to Javier Errea a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his career and his contributions to this professional organization which brings together more than...

01 August, 2010

We redesign La Tercera in its 60th anniversary

The Chilean newspaper La Tercera, the second in circulation of the country in conflict with El Mercurio and one of the mainstream media in Latin America, turns 60. It does not in any way, but after nine months of intense and deep reflection...

20 July, 2010

Cahier été, the informative offer from Libération for the summer

Libération, Errea Comunicación redesigned newspaper, released on July 12 its traditional summer book, also redesigned for this studio during the spring. 8 pages with which the Parisian newspaper...

16 June, 2010

Adona's campaign 'Y tú, ¿qué eres?', Gota de Plata Award

The Spanish Society of Blood Transfusion and Cellular Therapy (SETS) has awarded the Association of Donor  of Navarra (Adona) with the Gota de Plata Award for its advertising and promotion campaign ‘Y tú, qué eres?, to promote blood...

12 May, 2010

A treat of a newspaper: le Libération des cineastes

Libération and the Cannes Film Festival have had a very special relationship for a number of decades. Libé is the paper that sends the largest team of journalists to the event.

15 April, 2010

El Correo Gallego, a paper for the 21st century

El Correo Gallego has hit the streets. The new version of the paper, now well over a hundred years old, came out on Thursday the 15th of April, breaking the mould by being the first Galician newspaper to be published in full colour.

06 April, 2010

Two bronzes at the 2010 Laus Awards

Errea Comunicación has won two bronze medals at the 2010 Laus Awards, considered the most prestigious event in the graphic-design year in Spain. The jury’s decision was announced on the 6th of April.

24 February, 2010

NAV7, a magazine on artistic expression, set to hit the shelves

The official presentation of the magazine Nav7, a yearly publication devoted to aesthetic expression, was held on the 23rd of February in La Capilla restaurant.